Crayola For Clinique

Remember the days as a child when we could sit around for for hours just playing and coloring i our coloring books. Many a day I entertained myself that way and was quite content.

Well, no Crayola has partnered with Clinique to create the adult version. Get ready all you makeup lovers out there. And if you're a "lipstickkween" like myself you will love the chubby sticks they created in honor of the larger than life crayons we played with as children.

This new limited edition is available from now until February. On the Clinique website, or in the stores at their makeup counters. And the packaging looks like an actual crayola box (shown below). They retail for 17$ each.

These come in ten different shades. Just to name a few there's "fuzzy wuzzy", "tickle me pink" and "mango tango". I, for one can not wait to get my hands on a box of my own.

If you happen to get any or all the colors offered, please share your thoughts or experience below. I would love to hear about it.

Tanja Nicole

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