Why Women Are Shaving Their Faces Now 🤔

More and more women are shaving their faces now. Apparently Marilyn Monroe was the first to have a stab at it. Forgive the choice in wording.

Ok, So it's called shaving-but has evolved into "derma planing". You use a tool that looked like a brow planer-a small stainless steel blade- and gently glide it across the skin at an angle. It removes the dead cells from the skin as well as any peach fuzz. Leaving the skin really smooth. 

This method is becoming more increasingly popular with models and beauty bloggers alike. As it is said to make the skin seem flawless when taking close up pictures. I myself  have seen plenty of makeup artists and "makeupjunkees" use them before applying makeup. Claiming that it leaves a smoother finish after applying their makeup.  Skin care products also absorb more easily. 

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And no, your hair won't grow back in thicker, despite 

popular belief. Keep in mind though, hair thats been on your face for a while may be a  little lighter  due to being exposed to the sun for long periods of time. It is not painful, but your skin may  become more sensitive over time. May not be beneficial to people  that suffer from rosacea. 


Important: try to avoid all chemicals. Especially 

products containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid or 

retinoic acid for at least a couple days afterwards.  Or it may burn or irritate the skin.

Tanja Nicole 

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