Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Who doesn't like chocolate? Heck, who doesn't like strawberries in that case? Well, unless you're allergic, the just strike that last comment. And on Valentines day, even better! We all know calories don't count on holidays. what diet??

So, I decided what better time to indulge. Hey, it's fruit. It'a still good for you,right? It just has a bunch of yummy chocolate melted all over it. Ok, I'm trying here. And homemade is always better anyways. Especially when it's a gift and it's made from the heart.

Below you will find 3 videos that shows you how to make them. not very complicated, but still. No excuses. Well, you might still have to make a quick run to the store. BUTTT, think about all the deliciousness you will have afterwards. Is that even a word?? Anyway, enjoy!

Have a happy valentines day!

Love and lipstick,

Tanja Nicole<3

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