Clear Coffee. The Biggest New Trend

Based out of London, Clear coffee is the newest phenomenon. It's the first colorless coffee in the world. Clrcff was started by two brothers David and Adam Nagy. They were sick of teeth stains associated with coffee. Even though it looks like bottled water, it is real legitimate coffee. made from fresh roasted arabica beans and pure water. Using special technology. It does have a unique taste, but lives up to it's promise. And according to the brands website ,it's the first coffee of this kind in the world.

Since emerging as the worlds first stain free coffee, Clrcff has gotten a lot of buzz. After all who wouldn't be interested in that? Although it's meant to be enjoyed more like an iced coffee would, you could also mix it in cocktails. Sounds like it would make a great frap or smoothie. It can be purchased online for 7.50 for two bottles. But if you ever happen to be in the UK, you can try it at one of the shops that carry it. It's also available at whole foods.

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