Kat Von D New Lippie Release And Flash Sale!

Set your clocks everyone! Cuz tomorrow Wednesday, June 7 at 12 PM EST, Kat Von D is releasing new lipppie shades! There's going to be a Flash event for 48 hours ONLY (or while supplies last). During this two-day event, shoppers will have access to a three exclusive Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades in various matte gray shades at a super discounted price.


An everlasting lipstick (dove grey) that Kat Von D named after Lipstickkittys very own kitty 🐈. Coming to Sephora on Wednesday during this 48 hour flash sale.


A cobblestone grey.


A smokey grey. Named after one of Kat Von D's favorite poets Virginia Woolf.

I ,for one cannot wait to get all over this. So, don't hesitate if you wanna get yours.

As per Kat Von D, she always thinks outside the box. This being right up alley, I'm definitely gonna be in line for this one.

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