The New Morphe 3502 Second Nature Palette Is The Talk Of The Town

Hot off the presses, Morphe Brushes just release their new 3502 Second Nature palette. Which was officially released on October, 12th.

It is the sequel to their oh so popular 350 palette. A hard act to follow. This palette contains 35 creamy shades that range from fiery reds and oranges to warm browns.

To super-shimmer and mega-matte finishes, you have everything you need to highlight, blend, and transition (without ever having a repeat moment). The perfect fall palette. There are a couple colors that repeat. But, as usual Morphe does not disappoint.

The colors are highly pigmented, leaving you with endless possibilities and looks. And sure to please and makeup lover on your Christmas list.

Word on the street is the Jaclyn Hill ,who has captured many hearts with her own palette released also with Morphe this summer (including my own). Helped develop some of the colors from this already fall favorite palette.

She in her own right, has gained a lot of respect and adoration from fellow beauty bloggers and makeup junkies alike. Which is not surprising considering how many times her palette sold out. And how many she sold period. Which took me a while to finally get my hands on.

Her palette is now permanent fixture on the morphe website.

You can get the 3502 Second Nature palette here . It retails for 23$ and is available on the Morphe site as well as Ulta.

And you can get the Jaclyn Hill palette for 38$ here.

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