The Makeup Collection Everyone Is Talking About

Melt cosmetics launches its much anticipated Aaliyah Inspired makeup collection, months after Mac announces their plans to honor the legendary singer. The Melt collection was supposed to drop on March 23, 2018. But, got pushed back to April.

Melt will release a warm toned, eyeshadow stack of 5. All named after songs of the late artist. It will most likely retail for 58$, like Melts other eyeshadow stacks have in the past. I myself am one of the biggest Aaliyah fans out there but, I'm having a hard time with the price range.

I haven't always been a big Melt Cosmetics customer, and I don't have a problem shelling out the dough for the right product. Especially given my makeup addiction,lol. And maybe if it were a palette it wouldn't be so hard.

The collection will be named "Baby girl" after Aaliyahs beloved Nick name. And the colors range from cool pinks to warm reds.

The shade names are: Baby Girl, So Dope, Come Over (a posthumously released track), More Than A Lover (inspired by the record "More Than A Woman"), and Dust Yourself Off (inspired by a chorus lyric from Aaliyah's song, "Try Again").

Pic Instagram/ Lora Arellano


Is just a sample of what the Shades look like and an idea of the magic you can create. A definite date is yet to be announced.

But, if you're anything like me. You'll still be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for Mac collection. Anticipated to drop this summer. To be honest, this is the one I'm most excited about. So, Start saving now everybody. And get that "Shop now" clicking finger ready.

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