15 Diy Beauty Hacks You Won't Believe!

Over our lifetime, we probably spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on beauty treatments potions. But, did you know that you could save yourselves tons of money by just knowing a few hacks?

Below I share 15 must know beauty hacks every makeup junkie should know about.

1. Grow Eyelashes Naturally

Use castor oil to thicken and grow your eyelashes (Also works with brows).

On average, extensions can cost anywhere from 150$ to 300$. Replace those serum and extensions with a much cheaper alternative.

To use:

Make sure to wash face first. Then use a cotton swab or an old eyeliner applicator that has been washed to apply oil along eye line. Best done before bed.

You can get new applicators on Amazon. Or if you're a brush addict like myself, I'm sure you already have an eyeliner brush that you can use.

2. Use Baby Powder To Thicken Eyelashes

Apply baby powder in between coats of mascara when you're putting it on. You'll notice a difference right away. Why waste your money on expensive mascaras if you don't have to.

DO it:

- Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes first

- Apply a coat if mascara

-Add a little baby powder to Palm of hand and then use cotton swab to dip and apply.

- Apply another coat of mascara

Easy peasy. Using things you probably already have at home.

3. Prevent Wrinkles

Use medical tape to prevent wrinkles instead if spending up to a thousand dollars on boots.

Worried about those crows feet. Or that wrinkle that you just found in between your eyes. Put a piece of medical tape over it while you're sleeping.

4. Or You Fight Off Wrinkles Instead With Rose Hip Seed Oil

This essential oil has anti-aging properties and offers protection against age spots, eczema, and acne scarring. It also boosts your immune system and corrects dark spots.

5. Save Money By Using Lip Balm On Your Eyes Instead Of Expensive Eye Creams

This trick can save you lots of money over time. Just use a quality organic lip balm with essential oils.

6. Use Green Tea Bags Under Your Eyes To Prevent Puffiness And Dark Circles

There are tons of products out there that promise big results. But, why spend all that money if you don't have to. Especially when you might have the answer right in your cupboard.

Do it:

-Steep 2 tea bags in hot water

-Squeeze out any excess liquid, the leave in fridge for 15 to 20 minutes

-Leave on eyes for another 15 to 20 minutes

-You can do this in batches and freeze them for the next time

7. Parsley To Reduce Discoloration, Age Spots And Puffiness

Yes, you read that right. Parsley.

Vitamin C, chlorophyll and vitamin K help to lighten up skin discoloration and reduce puffiness.

To Do:

Blend together with 2 tablespoons of yogurt and apply to the under eyes.

8. You Can Also Use Vitamin K For Dark Circles

Get it here.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar As A Facial Toner

This will improve your overall complexion

Using Apple Cider Vinegar will help to balance and restore your skins PH. Which will also help to prevent breakouts. Just make sure skin is clean before applying.

To Make:

-Pour one part vinegar raw apple cider into a glass jar or container

-Add two parts distilled or filtered water

-Shake to combine

-Apply to freshly washed skin using a cotton ball or pad. Avoiding eye area

-Then apply moisturizer as usual

-Shake before each use and store in a cool dark place

Toner can also be customized. Especially if you're worried about the vinegar smell. Just add things like essential oils, green tea or lavender.

You can also infuse with herbs by bringing to boil, adding herbs and simmering for 30 minutes. Then strain and let cool.

10. Toothpaste As A Blemish Spot Treatment

Ever hear of using toothpaste for a zit? Well it turns out there's something to that old home remedy. Just make sure the toothpaste contains the key ingredients you need like baking soda, triclosan, alcohol, sodium pyrosulphate, menthol, fluoride or hydrogen peroxide.

To go the natural route with fewer harsh chemicals. Look for ingredients like tea tree oil, witch hazel, aloe vera or eucalyptus.

11. Replace Shaving Cream With Coconut Oil

This will leave you with the softest legs ever.

12. Use Baby Wipes As A Makeup Remover

They're not only safer and better for your skin. But will remove all makeup and come all kinds of different varieties.

13. Concealer To Get That Matte Look With Lipstick

Dab concealer all over your lips before applying your lipstick. It will not only give you that matte look. But it will also make your lipstick last longer.

14. Get Plumper Lips Using Peppermint Oil

This trick really works. Just be sure to use a lip scrub first to remove ny dead skin. It also makes your lips softer.

Then just add the peppermint oil to any lip gloss that you may regularly use.

15. Whiten Teeth With Activated Charcoal

This is a fad/trend that I have been seeing all over the internet. I was skeptical at first, but after doing some research found out that it really does work. Results may take up to a week and your mouth will probably turn black the first you use it.

A lot over the counter teeth whiteners can make your teeth sensitive over time. Activated charcoal doesn't cause that problem and you can find it on Amazon and in most health food stores.

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