The Fifty Dollar Lip Balm That's Worth Every Penny!

Yeah, you read that right.

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About the product:

Thinner Than Any Other Area Of The Face, The Lips Are Virtually Defenseless Against Subtle Changes In Wind, Temperature And Dryness, Requiring Special Attention.

This Lip Balm Is A Luxurious And Intensely Reparative formula That Works On Contact To Soften Roughness, Relieve Discomfort And Help Rejuvenate Seriously Dry Lips.

It's Flavored with Cool, Refreshing Mint

It's a bit extravagant for an everyday lip product ($50, to be exact), but the marine extracts do a heck of a job healing severely parched lips in record time.

Reserve the little pot as a nighttime treatment and lips will be soft and lush by morning — and remain that way all day long.

$50 (Shop Now)

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