2 in 1 Flexible Tripod with Camera Mount Adapter

SKU: 2-in-1-flexible-tripod-with-ca887195697
Carefully observe the basic structure of the tripod can discover, its each leg is composed of many slightly flattened ellipsoid. Its nine joints can be 360 degrees of rotation motion, if all the joints to a direction, can become a circle shape. Use of this distortion function, it can be very strong around most of the objects, so as to realize the function of the tripod, can set the camera at the same time. Tripod used natural rubber as main material, the material highlights its wearability and applicability, the combination of the globule highlights the depth of the product, the appearance of fashion as well as its portability makes it a photographer's right-hand man.

  • Ideal for taking photos
  • It is easy to operate can be adjustable.
  • Anti-slip soft holder provides great stability and grip.
  • Its nine joints can be 360 degrees of rotation.
Flexible Tripod:
  • Product Type: Plastic, Rubber.
  • Camera Interface: Universal 1 /4 screw.
  • Max Load: 1kg, Max Height: 15cm, Min Height: 5cm.
Phones Mount Adapter:
  • Material: High quality plastic, metal.
  • Fit for 2.25-3 inch (5.5cm-8cm)wide mobile phones or cameras
Set Including
1 Tripod adapter.
1 Tripod (Universal 1/4 Screw).
1 Phones (or cameras) Mount Adapter.
SKU: 205876.
PART: 205876.
UPC: 8905148268010.

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